Run Free, Our Little Miss


(From Jackie’s mom) 

Yesterday I took Jackie to the doctor because she hadn’t been feeling well and I could tell she was getting worse. The vet diagnosed her with heart failure and said that because her heart wasn’t working properly her abdomen had filled with fluid and that there is no way to fix the problem.  The doctor drained some of the fluid to make Jackie more comfortable, but our little girl was suffering and we had to make the difficult decision to help her on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you to Dr. Jennifer of Compassionate Care in Portland, Oregon, who came to our home today to make Jackie’s journey as easy as possible. We are so very, very sad to say goodbye our sweet girl.  

Run free with Dillon, Little Miss.   We love you so much.



                 9/15/99 – 9/5/14

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There are all sorts of babies at my house.  Well, Mom says they’re “babies” but I am suspishus that they are kittycats! Here are some photos of these babies:




These babies are called Sister, Chomps, and Cleo.  Sister is named Sister because she is a cally-co and cally-co kittycats are always girl kittycats.  Sister is very outgoing and rambuncshus!  Chomps is named Chomps because he was the first baby that came, and he kept chomping Mom’s finger because he was hungry.   Cleo is short for Cleopatra because she looks like an Egyptshun kittycat!



This baby is called Moose.  He is the biggest baby.


Dad found these babies at Grandpa Roger’s pawperty.  Grandpa Roger has too many cars in his yard and lots of underbrushes, and when Dad was helping him move some cars he found Baby Chomps and brought him home to Mom.  I didn’t even notice him because he was so quiet!  A couple of days later Dad found Baby Moose, Baby Sister, and Baby Cleo and brought them home. 



The babies when Dad first found them, they were very hungry.


When they first came they lived in plastic bins on the kitchen island.  Baby Moose was very sick and had lots of icky goop in his eye.  He went to the doctor and  got some medicines and lots of good noms and then he was all better, but he had to stay away from the other babies to make sure they wouldn’t get sickies too so he had to be by himself.  Moose was the biggest baby, and Sister and Cleo are medium babies, and Chomps is the smallest baby.  Mom says they are from three different “litters”, which is a group of babies.  The three little babies were so little when they came that they had to eat baby formoolas, and Mom fed them with a thing that skwirted the formoola into their tiny moufs!  It took an awful long time for her to do that every day and I was a bit put out that the babies got so much attenshuns!

I started to notice the babies because Moose meowed loudly a lot!  After Moose kept trying to jump out of his bin, he had to live in the bathroom.  Then Dad built a play yard in the kitchen for the babies and Mom and Dad were hoping that Moose could go live in there with the other babies, but he kept tackling them and biting their necks and they didn’t like that!  So, Dad built a smaller play yard just for Moose. 



The little babies’ play yard when Dad first built it.


This week, since Moose was big enough, Mom took him to the Humane Society so he can be adopted.  When they went there, Mom showed him the other babies who are there.  The nice lady said there is a suite with three other rambuncshus babies and that Moose should have fun there until he finds his furever home.  He has a speshul page on their website, you can see it here if you would like to: .  Mom also sent some other photos and she hopes they will put them on his page.  (Update: Baby Moose was adopted so he doesn’t have a page anymore!)  They let him take his speshul bed and toys with him, and Mom was glad of that! 

Mom says Moose is sure a playful baby, and very fluffy, but very pointy too, BOL!  He enjoyed very much climbing up Mom’s leggys and biting her with his teefs.  Sister is much the same and so Mom has to be careful when she goes in the play yard that Sister doesn’t leap at her leggys and climb them!  Sister is very precoshus and has almost figured out how to get out of the play yard.  Mom says she has to spend a lot of time trying to outwit the babies!  Sister was the first one to jump up on the box in the play yard.  Now Cleo can jump up on the box too!  Cleo is a very shy baby sometimes, and she scrunches herself up under the cupboard to hide, but when she comes out she likes to have lots of fun playing.  Chomps is the littlest baby and he can’t do all the things the girls can do like jump up on the box, but he tries very hard and likes to tackle their tails!  Mom says it is so much fun to see.  The babies are getting so big and can use a kittycat pottybox and even eat regular kittycat foodables.  When they started eating those foodables they grew a whole lot right away!

Mom is sorry that we can’t keep any of the babies, but she is allergic to kittycat dandruffs and well, I’m not sure I would be nice to the babies if they lived out in the house with me, so I told Mom it would be better for them to live in a house without a doggie who might not treat them safely.  On Saturday a very nice couple is coming to meet Sister, and they are hoping to take her to their home.  They live nearby and said they would be happy to give us updates about how Sister is doing.  We hope Sister won’t be too rambuncshus for them!  They also have an older boy kittycat, and they think he will like Sister.  (Update: The nice couple did adopt Sister, and they love her very much!)  Cleo and Chomps will be here until they get adopted, or they may go to an adopshun place.  Do you know anyone who is interested in adopting an adorable baby, furiends? 

(Another update:  Chomps was adopted by a very nice man who renamed him Sylvester!)



Baby Chomps when he was just tiny.  Aren’t his tiny paws just super sweet and perfect?

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Mom Says Someone Is In Our Yard


Listen to this, Furiends!


Critter Noises


Do you hear that funny noise?  Mom says that funny noise has been in our yard every night around 10:30 or 11:00 p.m.!  Tonight she heard another noise talking to this noise from across the street!   She has never heard it before this year, and I don’t think I have either.  I don’t like the noise much because it interrupts my potty-time, but so far I haven’t felt much like going to see who is making it.  Mom is afraid the whatever-it-is will run out of our thicket and bite me, or I will bite it.   We think it might be one of those old rakkedy-koons, but this doesn’t sound quite the same.  Our boy did see a rakkedy-koon down the street as he was driving home this evening.  It does talk back to Mom like a rakkedy-koon sometimes.  What do you think?  We don’t think it is an owlie (whooo) or a nutria (oink) , and it isn’t a kittycat (meow)  or a child (waaah) or a doggie (bark), or a coyote (arroooo).  We hope it isn’t something super scary like a coooger, but I think they go (snerl) not (clickety).  We sure would like to know what kind of scary critter might be in our yard!  Any ideas?

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Dad is eating something called “stroodels”.  They look delishus.  They smell delishus.  I’m sure they are very nomable.  Can I have some, Daddy?  Please?

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My Brudder

Today I am thinking of my big brudder Dillon, who went to the Rainbow Bridge a year ago today.   He was such a wonderful and patient brudder.  We miss him so, but we know he is happy at the Bridge, napping and playing and jumping and chewing on a speshul bone.


I am also thinking of the luving words you all gave to us when he went to the Bridge.  Thank you all so much, Furiends, it still comforts our hearts when we remember the kind things you wrote.


I luv you, my brudder, and I luv you all, my furiends!



Dillon doing one of his favorite things!

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Hello Furiends!

Hi Everyone!  Boy, I haven’t done any bloggy-ing in a long, long time,  I even missed telling my mom Happy Barkday and saying Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and grandpas!  Sorry about that.  I said in one of my last posties that Mom has a new job, she says it’s called “leegul transkripshun” but what she really does is listen to a bunch of people talking on the lappy-top and then she pushes all the buttons to make what they say go on the page!   She enjoys her new works but it does cut into our bloggy time! 

Some new things have happened around our nayborhood!   We have new naybors and they have elebenty-twelve little childrens, (oh, Mom says “four”) and they talk to me through the fence.  Sometimes I bark at them because they run around and make funny noises!   Their mom tells them that it’s OK that I bark, because I am a barky kind of doggie!  When they moved in, I came out to potty at nighttime and there were lots of things over by my fence!  I went over and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed for a long time to see what all the things were.  The biggest boy there sometimes throws things into our yard, but he never throws anything good like noms.   He even threw some things at ME one time because I was barking!  That was naughty so his mom brought him over to apologize both times and pick up all the toys he threw in our yard.  I didn’t apologize for barking, but I did try to be nice.  Then, one time Dad was watering the new grasses and Brianna was mowing the lawn, and the boy was sitting on a bucket eating a snack while he watched them!  His mom says he really enjoys seeing grownups do grownup things.  Mom thought that was very cute.  Before, a very old, old lady lived there and she never came outside to see me, and she didn’t mind my barking because she couldn’t hear much anymore.  Mom says they are very nice peoples and we will all get used to each other eventually!


Me sniffing all the children’s things!


The day before Mom’s barkday she was at a friend’s 8th grade gradyooashun in the evening.   A couple of days later she saw on Facebark that our naybors had some trubbles that night.  Our naybor boy was chased home by peoples who are in a gang!  (They were only ajitayted with our naybor boy and his friend, but not anyone else.)  But then our naybor told Mom that there are TWO gang houses right here in our nayborhood!!  Mom says gangs are groups of peoples who aren’t nice and do crimes and sometimes paint things on other people’s stuff.  Since the naybor had to get his gun to chase off the gang peoples, Mom was very conserned about them coming back and having a gunfight.  So, Mom called the police sarjent to find out what was going on and what they were doing about this!  He told her what kind of gang they are and said that interestingly, the gangs in our town hardly ever make trubbles in their own nayborhoods, but usually go to the next town to do mischifs.  He also said that the polices are keeping their eyes on the gang peoples and he doesn’t think we need to be worried.  I’ve made sure to be on super-high securitee alert since then, so it was good to hear that.  We have never had trubbles with the gang peoples before, and since our naybors will be moving soon everything should be OK.  Most of the gang peoples are young peoples.  We think it’s sad that the gang peoples feel like they have to be in gangs.  Anybarks, we aren’t going to be too conserned about it now but will still be alert to any suspicious goings-ons.

We have another new naybor and Mom says there is a Basset Hound named Elvis who lives there now.  She knows that because we heard him arrroooing and arrrrroooooing and Mom went over to see what was what.  There was Elvis, who was tied out on a line, and had wrapped his line around and around a fence post and wasn’t comfy.  He was wearing a harness so he wasn’t choking or anything, but Mom wanted to help him so she managed to make furiends with him and unravel his line a bit.  She left a note for his dad or mom and his dad called later to thank Mom and to tell her what was happening.  He said Elvis has to stay outside now when his dad goes to work so Elvis can be able to go potty, and he had never been tied outside before, so he was sad.  Mom sugjested that Elvis could be tied on the other side of the house by the breezeway so he could be out of the rains.  He still is out there arrrrooooing every day until his dad comes home, but he doesn’t cry as much.  His dad says he will build a good fence so Elvis can roam around in the yard.   We feel bad for him when we hear him arrroooing, but Mom says people have to do what they have to do.  Elvis looks healthy and his dad seems to love him a lot.  We hope he gets his fence soon!

We still have one empty house in our nayborhood and some naybors will be moving, and other naybors have their house for sale so we will get even more new naybors at some point !  So far in the last couple of years or so we have gotten five new naybor families already!  Grayshus!

I am happy to say that my daddy’s broken foot is all healed up.  Our boy and his friends haven’t been called to go do their firefighting works yet, but we think they will go soon.  We are very sad to hear about the brave firefighters who lost their lives in Arizona, and are praying for their families.

Not much else happening around here, except it has been super very hot!  Mom rubs a cool washclof on my face and head and then lays it on my tummy so I can keep cool.  I sure like that!  What do you do to keep cool in the summery-time, Furiends?



Me and my washclof!!

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Happy Mommy’s Day!!


We hope all you mommies are having a super day with lots of happy hugs and noms and relax times!   We would like to give you some gifts!

Here is a luvly vase of flowrs for each of you!


(Photo from Sunflower Florists)


And a speshul cake!

Image of mother_s day cake

Photo from


A happy, happy day to all of you!

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A Liebster Award!

Furiends, I am excited to say that Miss Chou Chou has given us a Liebster Award!  We are very late in responding with our answers to her questions, and we apologize – Mom has a new jobbie and has not had as much time for bloggying as we would like!


Questions for Miss Chou Chou’s Nominees:

1) Why do you have a pet blog?  Mom thought it would be fun to write about my adventures, and we’re so glad because we’ve met so many nice furiends!

2) Do you write for other blogs or websites?  Mom has a bloggie called “Every Day’s Just Like Starting Over”!

3) Where do you live?   We live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

4) Why did you choose the breed/dog you blog with?  My auntie rescued me from my former home, and asked my mom and dad if I could come to live with them, and they said yes!  They didn’t choose my breed specificully.

5) How often do you blog? Oh, not as often as I’d like!

6) Do you have specific goals for your blog?  Not right now.

7) What is the most effective way you have increased traffic to your blog?  We find that reading and commenting on other bloggies helps you get to know people, and helps people get to know you!

8) Do you have other pets in your home?  My big brudder Dillon went to the Rainbow Bridge last July, so I am now an only doggie.

9) Do you work outside the home? What are you doing?  Mom just got a new job doing something called legal transcription.  She gets to do it at home.  I help by staying in the office with her!

10) How old is your dog?  I am 13-1/2!

11) How old is your blog?  We had our 5-year bloggyversary in March!

Miss Chou Chou, we want you to know that we appawciate this award so very much!  Since we haven’t been reading around in the bloggysphere for awhile, we aren’t going to be able to nominate 11 bloggies right now.  Mom is working on her schedule so we can be back to writing and visiting you all soon!

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Busy Buddy

Mom found my Busy Buddy Tuggy Jug!  We forgot Dad had put it up on top of the pantry.  Here is a video of me getting my dinner out of it!  (Please excuse the noises, everybody was watching a show on TV about silly people in England.  And Mom sneezed too!)  It is fun for me and helps me not to snarf my dinner so fast, and it gives me a puzzle to do!


Jackie and Her Busy Buddy
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It’s My Bloggyversary!




Well, my goodness,  WordPress just told me that it’s my five year Bloggyversary!  I can’t believe it!  I went back and looked, and sure enough, my first postie was 5 whole years ago.  As it’s last minute and I’m still a bit sleepy after all the dancing at Miss Mayzie’s Gotcha Day Smell-a-Bration and Commentathon yesterday, I think we’re going to have a low-key sellabrayshun for my bloggyversary, just relaxing and nomming foods with fives on them.  We’ll find some nice sunbeams on the paddy-oh and listen to the birdies tweet and sniff the springy flowrs!   Please do join me, Furiends! 

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